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NIGHTSLUG "Dismal Fucker"


"Hailing from the depths of Germany, come the sludge beast NIGHTSLUG. The trio added another taproot to the dendrite of metal by taking the ‘massive riff with the brakes full on’ template by bands like Coffins, Toadliquor and extreme metal pioneers Celtic Frost. Their 1st full-length, recorded in the sacred halls of the Tonmeisterei, "dismal fucker" is a raw, harsh and fucked up journey of 8 disillusioning, angry songs with pissed off vocals, lots of noise and unholy riffs - influenced by both punk and metal, NIGHTSLUG steering the genre away from the speedier end of the spectrum - although losing none of the visceral, heavy (Hell)hammer in the face power - they took it instead in the opposite direction, towards the low, detuned sludge and doom that so many metal/hardcore heads have come to know and love. Why play music fast when you can play it so slow and low that it can drive real human beings clinically insane? “dismal fucker” is such a giant, filth-caked monolith, that it’s almost futile trying to analyze on a song-by-song basis. Everything blends together in a kind of grey gloom and haze. Presented in a disgusting, thick full-color case-wrapped tip-on sleeve with black inner-sleeve and a digital download card. This is a landmark - sick and primitive!"

Track Listing
01. No Relief
02. Dismal Fucker
03. Sick
04. All Is Hell
05. Die In Fire
06. Into Oblivion
07. MOTS
08. On Fields of Mayhem