I For Us Records

NO GUTS NO GLORY "Yes, We Have Partying Skills"


"NO GUTS NO GLORY's second full-length album. For fans of Dead To Me, Dillinger Four, Descendents, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Trial By Fire, Fucked Up, The Hives."

Track Listing
01. King of hearts
02. About beauty
03. All hail Leo Taxil
04. Brutal lesbienne
05. Riot girls
06. When sun shines bright
07. Hopefully, it won’t tear us apart
08. When bedbugs bite
09. King of spades
10. Chat noir²
11. Let the bees see the knees
12. You cheater!
13. No brain, no headache
14. Great Capital, Judeo-Christian patriarchy, love letters and tea