Pain Of Mind Records

NOVEMBER 13TH "Stillstand/Weiter"


"Stillstand / Weiter is the 2nd full length LP from this crust band from Hannover, Germany. While they have several prior releases under their belts, NOVEMBER 13TH remains one of the best kept secrets in the European punk scenes. Musically they play dark crust that falls somewhere between later Wolfbrigade and From Ashes Rise. However, these references only begin to describe their sound, which is also much more melodic and varied than those comparisons suggest. On top of the crust foundation there are also some really unexpected and interesting variations to keep this interesting and unpredictable."

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. Spark
03. Durch die graue Brille
04. Din A Punk
05. Prozessoptimierung
06. Infected
07. Zu Ende gedacht
08. Stillstand / Weiter
09. Andere Verpackung
10. Bergab