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Holy Terror

OEDE "One Man's Trash"


"If you threw Boyd Rice/NON, G.I.S.M., and aspects of the blues into a blender the outcome may partly resemble OEDE. Combining sounds that range from full-out metal punk to pure harsh noise, the band's debut record One Man's Trash is a very interesting - albeit at times weird - listen. The opening track "Stille Stille" sounds like an early country song with Sakevi doing vocals. It's a strange contrast that perfectly prepares the listener for the journey ahead. "8063" is a complete 360 in terms of the sound. Noisy metal-punk replaces the opener's calm, bringing to mind Japanese powerhouse Parasite. Amongst the layers of noise and feedback, there are some killer Uchida-esque solos which makes me wonder if a certain +Orr is somehow involved. One Man's Trash continues down the same path as "8063" but has a more visible black metal feel. It's a killer sound where the guitar sounds more like a revving chainsaw than a musical instrument. Aside from the final number (Which I'll get into later), this is probably my favourite on the 7".
Following up is "Soper Hver En Krok" which is simply all over the map. Between varying vocals, a very epic feel, and what I believe are samples, it's a chaotically beautiful piece of music. Given with how much is going on, this could've been way too busy but there's a seemingly perfect blend of madness and clarity.We are then treated to another Japanese metal punk attack in the form of "Stygge Fean." Without being repetitive, it's a solid track that goes well with the others.
Closing out One Man's Trash is "Under Creole Skies," a song that sounds as if it's from the darkest depths of the South. It's haunting, invoking feelings of melancholy just like a good blues number should. I'm reminded of Roses Never Fade and Ancient VVisdom's subtle nods to folk music (Except in this case replace RNF's influence of DI6 with Muddy Waters). I love the creativity, not just with sound and samples, but even with the instruments. The use of an electric - home-made - cigar-box guitar really gives One Man's Trash a unique sound, adding to both the originality and pure imagination of Oede (An interesting aside, but Vermapyre also uses cigar box guitars).
Oede's debut guides the listener down a dark path, a path that uses all kinds of influences, sounds, and noise. I am beyond excited to hear what else Oede has up their sleeve."

Track Listing
01. Stille Stille
02. 8063
03. One Man’s Trash
04. Soper Hver En Krok
05. Stygge Faen
06. Under Creole Skies