Hydrahead Industries

OLD MAN GLOOM "Christmas"

"The OMG Simian Alien Defense League delivers their fifth sonic dissertation on the complex and devolving relationship between man and his simian counterparts. Originally released on Tortuga Recordings in 2004, Christmas details man's Myriad gifts to Mother Nature and the incalculable repercussions thereof. Apes and chimps unite to fend off the "rewards" of civilization, but man's capacity for avarice and cruelty knows no bounds.

Mass insurrection results in a battle for the ages. Evolution, as they say, is just a theory, but this much is true: The only good human is a dead human. Opposable thumbs notwithstanding, the professors of the OMG Institute guide the listener through a world in which the primates are hostile, the metal is heavy, and philistines reap the benefits of their own cupidity. As always, OMG retains members of Isis, Cave In and Converge and their collective talents, inasmuch as they apply to this common purpose."

Track Listing
01. Gift
02. Skullstorm
03. Something For The Mrs.
04. Sleeping With Snakes
05. Lukeness Monster
06. 'Tis Better To Receive
07. Accord-O-Matic
08. The Volcano
09. Close Your Eyes, Roll Back Into Your Head
10. Girt And Greed
11. Sonic Dust
12. Valhalla
13. Christmas Eve Parts I, II And III (Alt. Version)