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OPEN TOMB "Dead Weight"

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"Following on from their Dry Cough released 'Servants Of Slow' compilation cassette in 2013, this LP consists of three more tracks of torturously slow, horribly heavy, doom-infused sludge from the New Zealand 3-piece. If you could slow down the records of compatriot's Meth Drinker to 15rpm then you wouldn't be a million miles away from OPEN TOMB's ugly sound. As with all their previous recordings (including their recent brilliant cover of The Birthday Party track 'Deep In The Woods'), this makes for very uncomfortable listening indeed. One could easily imagine it being used as an instrument of torture in some far flung covert prison. OPEN TOMB are a gruesome, hideous beast of a band who seem determined to - at best - make you as miserable as they sound, and at worst, push you over the edge with their suffocatingly bleak take on metal."

Track Listing
01. Blood And Flies
02. Abandoned In A Pit
03. Scraping Shit (From Beneath My Nails)


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