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Painful Choice / Sugar Coat / The Arrival Note "Split"

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Florida emo/indie rock and Atlanta hardcore merge on this three-way split from Painful Choice, Sugar Coat, and The Arrival Note. Painful Choice expands further into the rev-summer sound heard in their demo; it is now much more honed in with the same passion and melody. Sugar Coat, a new Florida band, adds a jangly, indie-rock sound to the mix, with the Built to Spill/Pavement melodic influence. Finally, The Arrival Note closes out the split with their best songs yet. Over the years, the band has taken the late 90’s emo sound and modernized it to be their own. Now with a solid lineup, the band explores a more heavy, anthemic sound; channeling the Texas is the Reason LP or the more fast-paced Hey Mercedes songs.

01. Painful Choice — Azul Profundó
02. SUGAR COAT — Mask
03. The Arrival Note — Falling Down


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