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"PAINTED WOLVES might be a new band to most of us, but the individuals behind it are no strangers to "the game" as the band features members from Death Is Not Glamorous, Anchor, Dead Vows & The Smackdown. Or you might have listened to their very well received 7" called "Unholy" which is a four-song-tribute to darkness, the tradition of punk, jeansvests and headbanging. PAINTED WOLVES stick to this formula on the self-titled 12". So, where to put this record? You can feel the members love for punk in any second of their songs, the creativity they bring into the simplicity of punk, the utmost energy and honesty. It might sound hackneyed, but this is a record that doesn't give a fuck. It pays no attention to rules or conventions. It showcases a band doing whatever they feel like and they are doing it right. Dedicated and with lots of fun. The guys are all huge fans of Breach, Final Exit and Separation and you might realize some of their background in the sound. But you better give it a listen, their sound is raw and unique and will energize you right away. "S/T" was recorded Simon MellergÂrdh at Studio Skogen, Göteborg, Sweden. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Recording Studio. East Palo Alto, CA. (Loma Prieta, Deafheaven...).

Track Listing
01. The Virgin Dance
02. Oblivion
03. Those Eyes
04. Necklace
05. Sea of Demons
06. Serve the Serpent