Prototype Records

PORD "Valparaiso"


"This incredible trio has everything to catch the audience attention - and particularly on stage (if you didn't see them live yet, go see them, you won't be disappointed !). Their music tends to be either noise (the best one, from the beginning of the 90's) - just listen to their bass/drums rythms -, or hardcore. Their rythms are groovy but still keeps a jazz touch while suddenly attacked by a high tempo on pulsive beats. For fans of Dazzling Killmen, Tantrum, Table, Unsane, Playing Enemy, Dead Elephant, Breach..."

Track Listing
01. Brenda’s sheets
02. Cookies & well wishes
03. Last night I dreamed I gave Audrey Hepburn a foot massage
04. My heroin
05. 1 litre 1 jour
06. There aren’t any colors
07. Jouvence de l’abbe Moreau
08. Blackout Cabanel
09. Sunday’s girl