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PORD "Wild"


"PORD started out as a trio in 2002 in the darkest depths of the Lozère / France. The three-piece’s output evolved very quickly toward something much rougher and wilder, a powerful brand of noise rock reminiscent of reference bands such as Dazzling Killmen, Keelhaul or Craw.

A blend of complexly structured compositions with the throbbing and hypnotic undertow that the trio is so fond of, along with a sometimes heavy and powerful, sometimes twisted rhythmic section, backed by incredibly tortured vocals.

In March 2014, they recorded a new album with Serge Morattel at Rec Studio in Geneva (Knut, Tantrum, Ventura, Basement…). “WILD” shows a renewed musical evolution, with PORD's typical raging sound coupled with a hint of rock and roll on a number of songs. With a faster pace and precise execution, their taut and aggressive delivery remains intact throughout. The vocals also evolve toward a more rasping, primitive and offbeat rendering of cruder and increasingly straightforward lyrics."

Track Listing
01. Staring Into Space
02. I’m Swimming Home
03. My Bloody Galantine
04. Laguiole Bull’s Balls
05. What Are Tuesdays For ?
06. Pools’n’Chicks
07. On The Couch