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Isolation Rec.


Rising industrial-metal duo Street Sects are teaming up with fellow Texans, screamo outfit Portrayal of Guilt (who share members with the hardcore band Illustrations), for a brutal new 7-inch containing one never-before-heard ripper from either Austin-based wrecking crew. The split, out March 2nd, isn't for the faint of heart: the bands' respective offerings, "In Contempt" and "The Nihilist," stand as of the most gnarled, speaker-blowing fare we've heard yet from either outfit; less songs than Molotov cocktails aimed at the lowest of the low, they take abusers to task, brutally, bluntly and brilliantly.

"You are not a monster, but there are things you cannot correct," Street Sects main man Leo Ashline seethes on "In Contempt," framed by a stuttering, glitchy backbeat, "and some of those things ring true/You see, some of us know you." Portrayal of Guilt are just as cutting, crafting barren, despair-ridden portraiture from swathes of static: "No second chance/You sicken me/No second thought/No morality." -Revolver Magazine

Track Listing :
01. PORTRAYAL OF GUILT - The Nihilist
02. STREET SECTS - In Contempt