Shove Records

PSYCHOFAGIST "Songs Of Faint And Distortion"


"Third full full-length album of Italian avantmetal-jazzgrind masters PSYCHOFAGIST. The album is entitled “Songs of Faint and Distortion” and it has been produced with enlarged squad thanx to the collaboration with patriarchs of industrial/powerelectronics Napalmed. Not a split album, no re-mixes: it's a clash of different ways to conceive the most extreme audio deviations."

Track Listing
01. Blankness Reigns Supreme
02. Movement
03. Mechanoabsurdity
04. Neuropatia Sensitiva Subacuta
05. Digression Into Distortion
06. Inhuman 3.0
07. 22nd Century Misshapen Man
08. Song of Faint
09. An Autism Aenigma
10. Unique Electronix Forms
11. Outro