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PYRITHE "Monuments To Impermanence"

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Over the eight tracks of “Monuments To Impermanence” the band bursts open at light-speed through a sonic maelstrom of genre-bending, heavy-as-hell, whirlwind compositions. Calculated, yet never suffocating, the lurching movements of each song twist and turn through evolutions of profound mood swings laced in nebulous, post-everything, sludge-drenched power. Pyrithe delivers an immersive and engrossing blend of intense riffage and avant-garde atmospheres.

Thematically, the band sees the world as apocalyptic and dreadful but through a lens of hilarity and absurdity. “It’s more about understanding, embracing, or jovially mocking those things with strange reverence,” shares PYRITHE multi-instrumentalist Kerr. While broadening their scope both musically and thematically, PYRITHE have achieved an unforgettable and masterful new take on songwriting.

Formed in 2017 by Kerr and Miller, the duo set out to “make the heaviest music we could without forcing ourselves to be ‘heavy’ in any specific way,” (Kerr). The band recruited Weston on bass and Vicky Carbone on vocals. As a foursome, the band shared the stage with the likes of FALLS OF RAUROS, IMMORTAL BIRD, and more, and made a festival appearance at Migration Fest. The band amicably parted ways with Carbone and began working on their full-length. The three-piece entered Fire K Studios in July of 2019 to create “Monuments Of Impermanence”. The trio welcomed multiple guests to perform on the album - including a reappearance of Vicky Carbone who delivers a chilling vocal performance, a blistering and terrorizing vocal performance from PYRRHON frontman Doug Moore, and found-percussion performances (including the use of actual trash!) from Jason Cantu, Max Johnson (NOLTEM), and Shalin Shah (NOLTEM). 

Track listing :
1. Asurviance
2. Glioblastoma
3. In Praise of Enochian Trickster
4. Heaving Roots II
5. Luminous
6. Earthen Anchors
7. Ekphrastik I
8. Ekphrastik II: Gifts of Impermanence


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