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Hell Comes Home

RAEDON KONG "Critical Paths"


"Hailing from the swamps of southern Louisiana and featuring former members of Collapsar (Escape Artist Records) and Icepick Revival (At A Loss Recordings), RAEDON KONG follow up their acclaimed self-titled EP with their second full length, this time with help from Hell Comes Home Records out of Ireland.

Although only a two piece (David Leonard on vocals and drums - Stephen Sheppert on vocals, guitar, foot controlled synth), their brooding approach has been described as “a planet of sound rather than a wall of sound” and “hallucinatory with a touch of doom, post metal layering and early 70s prog experimentalism”. Drawing influences from early King Crimson, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, old school Amphetamine Reptile releases and triumphant battle hymns, RAEDON KONG’s ever evolving aural onslaught crushes with the gravity of the sun while leaving your head somewhere in a shimmering cloud of cosmic dust."

Track Listing
01. Macerator
02. Invasion Of Minds
03. Daughters
04. The Big Idea
05. Golden Churches
06. Reflections Through Time