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Hammerheart Records



Back in 1998 four guys in Brasil had a common dream, to record death metal and play Europe. So they recorded two tracks in Brasil and travelled to Belgium. With those two songs they secured many gigs and everyone was blown away by their live performances. So was Hammerheart Records one day when they were selling albums at an underground festival where Rebaelliun performed. Many labels showed interest, but the band decided to chose Hammerheart Records. As an apetizer these two demo songs were released as a CD-single. Then Rebaelliun went home and recorded “Burn the Promised Land”, and launched their career.

With the reunion announced both Hammerheart Records and Rebaelliun thought it was cool to do the demo-recordings remastered as a 7” EP. Thereby the circle is finalized, and 2016 brings the new Rebaelliun album.

Track Listing :
1. At War
2. Spawning The Rebellion