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Ruins Records

REVENGEANCE "Complacent Complacency"

"REVENGEANCE is a five piece power-violence locomotive. Taking it's first steps in 2011, and already with three releases under their belts, REVENGEANCE took the punk scene by storm with its unique blend of 80´s hardcore, proto-grindcore and all the cult 90´s power-violence bands, and adding a sprinkle of "fuck off" attitude. In just one year they managed to play all the key Portuguese festivals and support slots for some overseas acts. Expect angry female/male vocals, fast drumming and loud guitars. The band is in its essence a tribute to power-violence. Give it a try or fuck off."

Track Listing
01. The Model Citizen
02. Drunken Dialects
03. Inaugurate The Warfare
04. (R)helix
05. Lex Talionis
06. Nihilistic Circus Parade
07. Controller (Void Cover)
08. Bloodshot Vision
09. Army Of None
10. Jockcore Mentality
11. A Screwdriver In The Ass Of Capitalist Hardcore
12. Pictorial Representation Of Faith