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RISE AND FALL "Into Oblivion"

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"From the blackened depths of the soul rises one of hardcore/punk's best kept secrets, RISE AND FALL. Possessed with an earth shaking heaviness and alarming no frills punk urgency, RISE AND FALL represent the next chapter of true hardcore/punk greatness. Wielding the same gore soaked axe that visionaries Integrity, Cursed, Ringworm, and Tragedy also clench in their bloodstained hands.
Recorded at CCR Studios and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studios, "Into Oblivion" captures the kind of all encompassing emotional darkness and white knuckle violence that few bands ever artistically achieve. From the unbridled ferocity of "Forked Tongues" to the sonic desolation of "Ruins", the album is truly jaw dropping. Re-igniting even the most jaded of hardcore/punk hearts with it's unforgettable musical presence and power."

Track Listing
01. Forked Tongues
02. Failure Is As Failure Does
03. The Noose
04. Live In Sin
05. The Void
06. Into Oblivion
07. Stakes Is High
08. To Hell And Back
09. Lost Amongst The Lost
10. Ruins


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