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ROT IN HELL "Hallways Of The Always"


"Raw and furious holy terror style hardcore from the UK. Sonically combining the best elements of Integrity's 'Systems Overload' LP crossed with Ringworm 'The Promise' LP, ROT IN HELL deliver 12 raw and furious tracks of Holy Terror inspired hardcore. 'Hallways of The Always' compiles all of this UK"s pre-Deathwish material."

Track Listing
01. Behavioural Resistance
02. Sin Of Malice
03. Final Word (Meanstreak)
04. The Barrens/Cholothrax
05. Iron Halo
06. Kingdom Of Heaven (Integrity)
07. Dyonisian
08. Black Omega
09. Skincrawl (Ironside)
10. Chunks (Last Rites)
11. Psionic Annihiliation
12. Now, Today, Tomorrow And Always