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"SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is the brainchild of Pablo, creative musician previously known to have been part of many crust bands such as Ekkaia, Leadershit, Cop on Fire and nowadays drummer for Ursus, born from the need to abandon the civilized world and rediscover the traditional sounds of his lands, whose origins are lost in the distant past of the Celtic culture. Echoes of some nordic folk (it’s impossible not to refer to Ulver's Kveldssanger) blended with traditional Galician music come out from these nine songs; In fact, many traditional instruments join the classical guitar and the twelve-string guitar, perfectly sealing the runic power hidden on the trees of those uncontaminated lands."

Track Listing
01. O ceo baixo os meus pes (Intro)
02. Vellos camiños de vellas àrbores
03. Cara terras lonxanas
04. Soños
05. Arrastrando as cadeas
06. Onde as almas van a morrer
07. Madeira de teixo, pedra de castro
08. O home dos cornos
09. Adeus meus amigos