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SEA OF BONES "The Earth Wants Us Dead"

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"For six years fans of SEA OF BONES waited for a proper full-length follow up to their 2007 demo, The Harvest. Although time generally brings decay and death to everything it touches, the result was quite the opposite with SEA OF BONES. In 2013 they returned with The Earth Wants Us Dead, an album of sludging, droning doom containing obvious, but subtle, psychedelic influences. The songs on Earth…are sprawling and massive, destructive and intense, with plodding, atmospheric power.

Following the relatively relentless doom assault, comes the title track of the album. A single, 39-minute drone composition that lays the album to rest. Allowing the listener time for reflection and recovery across two full sides of vinyl.

The Earth Wants Us Dead has been meticulously re-mastered for vinyl by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, resulting in a much different listening experience than the original digital masters. Download code included.

“The most massive fucking doom a body can handle before being shaken to dust.” – Antigravity Bunny"

Track Listing
01. The Stone The Slave And The Architect
02. Black Arm
03. Failure Of Light
04. Beneath The Earth
05. The Bridge
06. The Earth Wants Us Dead