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Sunday Drive Records

SERGIO ANELLO "A Hodgepodge of Modern Furniture & Antiques"

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Originally intended to be quickly recorded and released as stripped down, acoustic EP, "A Hodgepodge of Modern Furniture and Antiques” quickly turned into much more when production began. Shortly after Sergio’s last EP, “No Heavier Burden” released, he already had a batch of new songs written and demoed out on bedroom phone recordings that were to capture the moment of isolation. However, when the opportunity to record with hometown friend, Kyle Koeing the songs began to evolve more than just an acoustic guitar and vocals.

The production of "A Hodgepodge of Modern Furniture and Antiques” resulted in lively songs, implementing instruments from mandolins, keyboards, harmonicas and layered guitars. While the songs sound much bigger and full, Sergio and Kyle still managed to keep the raw, intimate sound that the songs were originally intended to have.

Track Listing :  
01. The Outcast and the Alchemist
02. Toxic Positivity
03. I Don't Want to Be Here
04. If I Didn't Know Better
05. Dear God