Deep Six Records

SEX PRISONER "Tannhauser Gate"


"Tannhäuser Gate is the first full length record from Tucson Arizona’s SEX PRISONER. SEX PRISONER blends classic powerviolence with a more beatdown jock and metalcore approach. Just hardcore for the sake of hardcore. This release is not intended to cater to the weak. FFO: Infest, Crossed Out, Merauder, Fetty Wap, Madball, All Out War, and Despise You."

Track Listing
01. Final Judgement
02. Shoulders Straight
03. Ghost Hit
04. Loaded Dice
05. Creaking Door
06. Underbite
07. Story Time
08. Nos Cadenas
09. Lullaby
10. Midnight
11. Cauldron Of Hate
12. Lamp Lighter Inn
13. Church Key
14. Delocated
15. Half Smile
16. Trichotillomania