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"SOLIDS is a Montreal based band who formed in 2009. SOLIDS play a killer style of grunge tinged, garage rock influenced punk. Musically, SOLIDS remind me of Hot Snakes crossed with older Dominic. ANIMAL FACES are a three piece emo/punk band from Toronto,ON who formed in 2010. ANIMAL FACES play a phenomenal style of atmospheric and melodic emo punk. On their side of the split, ANIMAL FACES offer up two new songs that shows the band picking up where they left off on their Anomie LP. Overall, this is a killer split 7" and both bands compliment each other really well on this split. Amazing, to say the least! Highly recommended! Enjoy!"

Track Listing
01. Solids - Cold Hands
02. Animal Faces - Give In
03. Animal Faces - Hold On