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Truthseeker Music

SONANCE "Blackflower"

"Truthseeker Music present a masterclass in sludge and doom with ‘Blackflower’, the latest offering from Bristolian noise-makers SONANCE. The band started in early 2012, in front of a wall of amps and live visuals. A quintet concerned with creating atmospheric, interwoven arrangements; detailed and droned stretches that subside into sludge filled chasms as the bass pushes you through the floor and lifts dust from the walls. Their first album, ‘Like Ghosts’, was released on a variety of different formats in late 2012, including a vinyl release via Doognad records of Norway.

‘Blackflower’ maintains that same bleak and harsh aura of the band's first offering. The record is based around an epic centrepiece, but provides shorter bursts of standalone beauty absent from Like Ghosts; epic string sections burst into shrieking feedback-noise whilst vocals swim in the murk. A delicate precision that is beguiling. ‘Blackflower’ was recorded in a single take at Joe's Garage in Bristol, the band having mixed and mastered the record alongside creating the artwork. This type of assured artistic vision is one reason why SONANCE are one of the most exciting bands in the UK today, and why we could not pass up the opportunity to work with them. The vinyl copy of ’Blackflower’ also features a 10 minute extended version of the albums closing track, ‘Tearce’. For Fans Of: Neurosis / Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Gnaw Their Tongues / Khanate / Scott Walker."

Track Listing
01. Belgium Blackflower
02. Belgium
03. Attachment
04. Conical
05. Tearce