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Zanjeer Zani



Raw, hypnotic and ugly, this is certainly how to describe Soyuz Bear’s sound the best. Rising from the dirty streets of the heretic city of Toulouse, the quartet spreads cavernous and trance-like sludge/doom metal. Having grown by eating from the filthy breasts of Eyehategod and the likes, these young bastards yield mammoth-massive riffs to crush your mind and make your neck break in pain. They do it with efficiency and personnality, yet they accept no compromises to make their sound enjoyable. This is harsh, putrid and grotesque, the way it should be !

Track Listing :
1. Chernofog
2. No End In Sight
3. Street Trash
4. Saturn (rehearsal)
5. GHB Über Alles (rehearsal)
6. In The Abyss (rehearsal)
7. Anal-Qaeda (rehearsal)