Adagio 830

SPORT "Bon Voyage"

"SPORT is a four piece band from Lyon, France who formed in 2010. SPORT play a great style of music influenced by 90's emo, punk, and indie rock. SPORT cites Souvenirs and Breath Of An Epoch as influences, which definitely shows up in the band's sound. The great thing about SPORT is that their sound mixes equal parts 90's-early 2000's emo played by bands such Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Small Brown Bike, and The Jazz June with more current emo bands such as Signals Midwest and Crash Of Rhinos. Since their inception in 2010, Sport have released a five song demo cassette in 2011 and a thirteen song LP entitled Colors in July of 2012. Bon Voyage is the band's latest eleven song LP, which was via Pike records on February 28th, 2014. Overall, this is an amazing album and SPORT will definitely appeal to fans of bands on Topshelf and Run For Cover records."

Track Listing
01. .
02. Reggie Lewis
03. Eric Tabarly
04. Florence Griffith-Joyner
05. Ulrike Maier
06. Jacques Mayol
07. André The Giant
08. Charles Lindbergh
09. Charlotte Cooper
10. Matthew Webb
11. Doris Sams