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Translation Loss

SQUALUS "The Great Fish"

Northern California's, SQUALUS, reunites four members of renown prog-doom-rock band, GIANT SQUID, with more gnashing teeth and fathoms of brine than ever before. Combining two bass guitars consumed in frothing fuzz, a sea of salty synthesizers, and drums that stalk from below before rising to attack, The Great Fish... recites and recreates of one of the greatest "man vs. sea" stories ever written in the form of a menacing sludge-punk-doom-metal album. Produced by acclaimed engineer, Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, Melvins) and features artwork by Squalus / Giant Squid frontman Aaron John Gregory (IDW Godzilla, Cotton Crustacean).

Track Listing
1. The Great Fish
2. Flesh, Bone, and Rubber
3. Town Meeting
4. Swim Charlie, Swim
5. Jack the Ripper
6. Eating Machine in the Pond
7. City Hands
8. The Orca
9. The USS Indianapolis
10. Show Me the Way to Go Home
11. He Ate the Light