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STEVE VON TILL "If I Should Fall To The Field"

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Haunted with the voices of generations past, Steve Von Till's intense and delicate songs have the rare ability to speak for one as they speak for us all.

Von Till's first solo effort, "As the Crow Flies", proved that subtle, acoustic songs could sound equally as intense, droning and heavy as Neurosis. Now, shorn of such ironic novelty, Von Till shows a depth and breadth to his songwriting that makes the majestic melodies and crescendos of "If I Should Fall to the Field" flow like the bloodlines that connect us all throughout human history.

Track Listing :
1. Breathe
2. To The Field
3. My Work Is Done
4. Hallowed Ground
5. This River
6. Running Dry
7. The Wild Hunt
8. Am I Born To Die
9. Dawn
10. The Harpy