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Prototype Records

STUNTMAN "The Target Parade"


"There are some killer moments along these 10 tracks and I assume I'm proud of this album ! The chaos is at hand. Here is the new full length album from this french combo. Totally aggresive, straight to the point, a clever mixture of all underground genres : hardcore, metal, noise, punk, sludge... Prepare yourself from this assault because you won't stand up again easily. It will blow you away ! Mastered at New Alliance East by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella (Cave In, Isis, Pelican...) For fans of Coalesce, Botch, Kiss It Goodbye, Converge, Unsane, Keelhaul, Deadguy, Bloodlet..."

Track Listing
01. Wounds & Visions
02. Razors In My Eyes
03. Mortgage
04. Idols Crash
05. Dying Senseless
06. Living Heartless
07. Lightning Strikes On A Pale Horse
08. Fire Into Water
09. Sunstroke
10. Feeble Fear Of Truth / I Deny