Relapse Records

TAU CROSS "Self-Titled"


"TAU CROSS is a punk/metal group of the highest order. Fronted by Rob "The Baron" Miller, vocalist and bassist of the hugely influential UK metallic-punk band Amebix, and rounded out by a band that features Away from Voivod on drums as well as members of cult crust outfit Misery, TAU CROSS is the natural evolution of Miller's work in Amebix. Tribal rhythms, searing guitars and Miller's huge booming voice all set to an apocalyptic atmosphere to create an instant classic that will satisfy the crustiest punks and the blackest metallers."

Track Listing
01. Lazarus
02. Fire in the Sky
03. Stonecracker
04. Midsummer
05. Hangmans Hyll
06. We Control The Fear
07. You People
08. Prison
09. Sons of the Soil
10. The Lie
11. Our Day
12. The Devil Knows His Own