Debemur Morti



"In 2013, two years after nightmarish first album "The Tunnels", TERRA TENEBROSA went a step further as they released a second assault against orthodox approaches to musical extremity, against any form of goodness or hope, and against your own comfort! TERRA TENEBROSA are an enigma who use a variety of tools to imprison you in their sad and desolate world: infernal and hypnotic drumming, sinister tremolo riffs of austere intensity and The Cuckoo's inhuman howls and devilish whispers which further-lend this infected masterpiece an aura of distress and misery. "The Purging" is a madness overdose, a harrowing album that redefines the limits of abyssal Black Metal, poisonous Hardcore, creepy Noise Rock and Avant-Garde insanity. TERRA TENEBROSA have created an uncompromising sonic tome to the expunging of life, without light, without hope, sans repentance… a chilling soundtrack to the inevitable end!"

Track Listing
01. The Redeeming Teratoma
02. The Compression Chamber
03. Black Pearl In A Crystalline Shell
04. House Of Flesh
05. The Nucleus Turbine
06. The Purging
07. Terra Tenebrosa
08. At the Foot Of The Tree
09. Disintegration
10. The Reave