Debemur Morti



"To call this monstrous sonic creature frightening, disturbing and abrasive would be an understatement! And soon to be let loose once more… In 2011 TERRA TENEBROSA - the enigmatic entity born from the ashes of cult act BREACH – delivered a phenomenal and truly sinister piece of music with their bombastic first full length album. "The Tunnels" creates a unique atmosphere of anxiety based on a dangerous mix of hypnotic rhythmic patterns, powerful dissonant chords, insane ambient soundscapes and ghastly voices.

TERRA TENEBROSA pull you deep into a netherworld where hideous Black Metal, obscure Hardcore, Dark Ambient and Post-Chaotic Music work in combination to reform your consciousness. This nightmarish masterpiece sets a new, unfamiliar but mesmerizing path far from the usual clichés inherent in the so-called "extreme metal scene". "The Tunnels" is above... and beyond! "An ominous and cinematic voyage through the dark psyche of TERRA TENEBROSA monarch, The Cuckoo".

Track Listing
01. The Teranbos Prayer
02. Probing The Abyss
03. The Mourning Stars
04. The Arc Of Descent
05. Guiding The Mist / Terraforming
06. Through the Eyes of the Maninkari
07. The Tunnels