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No Rest Until Ruin

THE ARMED "Untitled"

The untitled LP is ONCE AGAIN available on BEAUTIFUL super thick 180 gram vinyl in a lush TRIPLE GATEFOLD jacket. That means that when this bad boy gets comfortable, it sprawls out to a mean 12x36" long of beautiful full-color artwork. Folding all of that also makes it super thick with a huge spine so no matter what you think of us, we will totally overpower the surrounding records in your collection. Kinda like those old Disney VHS tapes in the weird oversize plastic-y packaging. But badass.

COLLECTOR'S NOTE: The only difference between this and the original pressing is the lack of both the "Forever Scum" zine and arabic language sticker on the plastic sleeve. Other than that it is identical to the first press.

Track Listing:  
1. Future Drugs
2. Forever Scum
3. Nervewrecker
4. Rhythm 0 
5. Enemies Closer
6. Blessings
7. Dead Actress
8. Polarizer
9. Ender
10. No Risk
11. Issachar
12. Paradise Day
13. Rage of Youth
14. Dead Artist