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Youth Attack



"With a legacy spanning 14 years, THE REPOS reign as living legends at the forefront of contemporary Hardcore. Their first two albums are undisputed sought-after classics. Following years of incredible tape and EP releases, they finally usher forth their most accomplished work yet: Poser. Sounding more unhinged than ever, guitarist Joe Phillips shines while cult frontman Aaron Aspinwall delivers his best and most visual lyrics to date. Poser has an unrelenting ferocity that paints a gritty vision of life on the outskirts that few dare tread. THE REPOS are the embodiment of all that Youth Attack represents: outstanding, pure, uncompromising Hardcore."

Track Listing
01. Bleach Bath
02. Still Ain't High
03. Everyone Was Upset Except You
04. Poser
05. You Should Act Good To Me
06. Traffic
07. Clubbed With Boards
08. Gift-wrapped Pistol
09. Lost Path
10. Motel Caledonia
11. No Plans
12. You'll Be Impressed
13. Wild Bore
14. Try Harder
15. Full Departure
16. Always Nothing