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THE TIDAL SLEEP "Vorstellungskraft"

"THE TIDAL SLEEP play a killer style of metallic post-hardcore that employs the use of post-rock leanings to formulate a really intense sound. They cites Envy, Jr.Ewing, At The Drive-In, The Smiths, and Cave In as influences. The band's use of post-rock style guitarwork results in a epic, dynamic, and at times passionate sounding style of post hardcore. The vocals range from shouting to almost spoken word. "Vorstellungskraft" is the band's latest 11 song full-length."

Track Listing
01. Old youth
02. Thrive and wither
03. Angst
04. Flood dreams
05. Glass
06. If you build it...
07. ... they will come
08. Fathomed
09. Smoke and mirrors
10. Twentyone
11. Lined skin, rotten hull