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THROES "In The Hands Of An Angry God"


Formed from the ashes of Bone Dance, the five piece sludge and metallic hardcore merchants unleash their maleficent debut album ‘In the Hands of an Angry God’. The album’s assault is harrowing on all counts, for a number of reasons - it has the familiarity of Gaza/Cult Leader’s push/pull of grind and sludge coupled with the sonic density of Amenra and Neurosis, but it also feels more brutish in it’s auditory premeditated violence.

In the current landscape it’s very easy to get lost in adjectives, so it’s all the more potent that by the end of the albums runtime it’s hard to not question whether you’ve been listening to a body of work or been subject to aggravated assault. It’s just that nasty.

Track Listing :  
01. Bad Meat 
02. They Never Spoke 
03. Nothing New 
04. Derelict 
05. From Their Nails 
06. Carrion 
07. Disillusion 
08. Ruin 
09. Fang