THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE "Blindfolded Traveler"


"Quentin Sauvé aka. THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE is the Blindfolded Traveler. A man with a probably not so easy story. A man who fights and finds his way by putting and expressions all emotions into his music. A young French man who breaks free of all influences to open himself up, sincere and deeply present. A man who sings from his guts, and gets right to your heart.

No matter if you call yourself a blindfolded traveler, no matter if you are into singer-songwriter and folk music: THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE‘s new album is highly recommended to everyone, since the album carries emotions that everyone feels every now and then. Sometimes we think it’s easier said than done to climb up a mountain and see from the top how our beloved are. Sometimes we think it’s easier said than done to jump into the waves. But someday we can say that we’re are happy."

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Track Listing
01. None Of This
02. Water Under The Bridge
03. Someday
04. Wrong Time
05. Shed Of Lies
06. Easier Said Than Done
07. From The Top
08. Blindfolded Traveler
09. The Hardest Experience Anyone Can Face