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TITAN "Burn"

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"Toronto, Ontario's aptly named TITAN puts the listener in a stranglehold from the 1st seething instance of feedback and doesn't relent until the very last jack-hammer of the bass drum has finished. TITAN are a blitzkrieg of vicious guitar accented by a commanding rhythm section and laced throughout with the ferocity of the lead vocalist. Quoting influences such as the early material of doom pioneers Neurosis, Canadian hardcore legends Uranus and metal/hardcore masters Converge, TITAN has managed to create something powerful, extreme and ultimately unique. The allure of TITAN's immense and brutal sound is once more present in their newest full-length called "burn" - their best recorded stuff so far! Housed in an eyecatching gatefold cover! "

Track Listing
01. Feast
02. Indulgence
03. Myopic
04. Sermon
05. Warmer Months
06. Corrupt
07. Little Seeds
08. Telepaths
09. Vitiate
10. The Fire Sculptures