Southern Lord

TORCH RUNNER "Endless Nothing"


"North Carolina’s TORCH RUNNER return with the follow-up to their brutal debut album: “Committed To the Ground”. “Endless Nothing” was recorded at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert (Centuries, The Body). The album shows the band reaching new depths of audial violence. Viciously brings forth a volatile, pissed-off brew of metallic, downbeat punk/hardcore/grind, for fiends that are into filth like: (old) Napalm Death, Converge, and Nails."

Track Listing
01. Attrition
02. Bound By Misery
03. Congregation
04. Circuition
05. Godlust
06. Rebirth
07. Calloused Mind
08. Circle Of Shit
09. Worldless
10. Endless Nothing
11. A.L.E.I.
12. All We Have
13. Unspoken