Adagio 830

TOTEM SKIN "Weltschmerz"

"This is the 2nd full length after the well acclaimed "Still Waters Run Deep" full length on Dog Knights. TOTEM SKIN deliver 7 new tracks of the blackened crust screamo hardcore. TOTEM SKIN create soundscape that ranges from raw aggression to doomy heaviness and unsettling guitar melodies. The create an dark atmosphere filled with emotional vocals. Sonic landscape filled with emotion roll over you and leave you behind with an open mouth and bloody ears."

Track Listing
01. Always Ire
02. Longing Leans And Beckons
03. Reckless Recluse
04. The Mouth Of Man
05. Pretend
06. Distant Visitant
07. I De Blindas Rike Är Den Enögde Kung