Prosthetic Records

TRAP THEM "Blissfucker"

"TRAP THEM has once again established themselves as not so much a band, but an entity. Recorded in the final months of 2013 at Godcity Studios with long time producer (the unspoken fifth member) Kurt Ballou, the lineup was rounded out by new additions Brad Fickeisen on drums and Galen Baudhuin on bass. The session, three years in the making, resulted in what will widely be considered their opus, forty five plus minutes of an unrestrained, unmedicated, unapologetic display of depression, desperation and blasphemy. There may be many questions about TRAP THEM, but there are only two answers. There is none more ugly and, most certainly, none more bitter."

Track Listing
01. Salted Crypts
02. Habitland
03. Gift and Gift Unsteady
04. Lungrunners
05. Organic Infernal
06. Sanitations
07. Bad Nones
08. Former Lining Wide the Walls
09. Savage Climbers
10. Ransom Risen
11. Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom