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Relapse Records


"Grace" is composed of sounds taken from Neurosis' "Times of Grace", manipulated and combined with atmospheric textures to express the same underlying tone and emotion as the original. Dialogue and sound effects are strategically placed to interact dynamically with the Neurosis version. Listeners are encouraged to experiment with different sources, different spaces, different speaker placement, and different volume relationships to bring an added dimension of life and spontaneity to the standard of passive stereo listening.

Track listing :
1. Grace 1 (Suspended In Light)
2. Grace 2 (The Doorway)
3. Grace 3 (Under the Surface)
4. Grace 4 (The Last You'll Know)
5. Grace 5 (Belief)
6. Grace 6 (Exist)
7. Grace 7 (End of the Harvest)
8. Grace 8 (Descent)
9. Grace 9 (Away)
10. Grace 10 (Times of Grace)
11. Grace 11 (The Road To Sovereignty)