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Radio Raheem

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Charred Remains"

In the annals of early 80's American Hardcore, no compilation holds more seminal weight than "Charred Remains." Initially released in 1982 on cassette through Bob Moore's Version Sound label and available in limited supply, the release served the world the first earfuls of such groundbreaking and legendary bands such as Husker Du, Die Kreuzen, Void, Violent Apathy, Toxic Reasons, Articles of Faith, Rebel Truth, Personality Crisis and Sin 34. Besides the actual sounds contained on the tape, "Charred Remains" was a testament to that primary quake of DIY ethics that empowered many a short haired youngster to start bands, record labels and fanzines and forge the underground to where it is today.

To find an actual original copy of this compilation and not have to give up a kidney in exchange would be quite a feat, but now Radio Raheem waves their magic wand and "Charred Remains" is something for everyone to enjoy in the vinyl format. Painstakingly remastered from the original 1/4" master tapes, with liner notes from Die Kreuzen vocalist Dan Kubelski, "Charred Remains" is rescued from the collector ghetto and plopped right down into your lap to behold.

Track Listing:
01. Void _ Condensed Flesh
02. Void _ War Hero
03. Husker Du _ Bricklayer
04. 5051 _ Too Late
05. Rebel Truth _ All I Know
06. Rebel Truth _ Dreams Of A Boy
07. Rebel Truth _ In The Red
08. Rebel Truth _ Reagan Youth
09. Personality Crisis _ Wonder What TheyÍre Thinking
10. Personality Crisis _ Waiting
11. Personality Crisis _ Shotgun
12. Sin 34 _ Runaway
13. Sin 34 _ Not No Fun
14. Violent Apathy _ Real World
15. Violent Apathy _ Hunger Strike
16. Violent Apathy _ Hypocrite
17. Dogs Of War _ Crime Watch Block Parents
18. Misguided _ Doomsday
19. Articles Of Faith _ Street Fight
20. Die Kreuzen _ Pain
21. Die Kreuzen _ Hate Me
22. Double O _ The End
23. Articles Of Faith _ Ghost In The House
24. Articles Of Faith _ Articles Of Faith
25. Articles Of Faith _ Poison In My Sweat
26. Articles Of Faith _ Belfast
27. District Tradition _ Psychedelic
28. District Tradition _ Vast Realms
29. Toxic Reasons _ Somebody Help Mebb 30. U.X.B. _ El Salvador