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One-man army Tom Pimlott arrives direct from Liverpool, England with an lp that splits the difference between early 80's US and UK hardcore with the kind of seamlessness and taste that escapes most bands. Whereas the original X-Claim crew took the British Hardcore of the day and twisted it to fit their post Minor Threat, townie world view, Violent Reaction takes the X-Claim sound and injects a tasteful dash of '82 style British Hardcore. This might be the best record of this style to come from the UK since the first Voorhees lp.

Track Listing :  
01. Riot 
02. Own Worst Enemy 
03. City Streets 
04. Use & Abuse 
05. Left For Dead 
06. VXR Stomp 
07. VIolent Reaction 
08. Judgement 
09. Stomped Out 
10. Burn 
11. No Control 
12. Vultures


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