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As Soul Grip is gearing up to unleash its new album, they are granting us a look at their matured sound. You can expect the same raw energy that characterized 2015’s ‘Avadon’, but more fleshed out and more focused. Hard and harsh sounds which for all intents and purposes can be branded as black metal yet, their music constantly defies labelling them as such.

Soul Grip is joined by VVOVNDS to complete this split 12”. VVOVNDS is known for their fierce and brutal take on hardcore, powerviolence and sludge. For this 12” they surprisingly took a completely different approach, favouring one lengthy track full of atmosphere and organic progressions over the short staccato tracks. For the VVOVNDS track, Svartvit contributed the drones.

Track listing :
1. On A Noose
2. Dwaler
3. Abigor
4. Rauður