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Antena Krzyku


"Originally formed in the unrelenting heat of Corpus Christi, Texas, WAILIN STORMS migrated east and ended up in Durham, North Carolina. Their sound is justly a mix of doom-punk and swampy rock, as elements of their prior and current surroundings culminate into a unique and volatile brew. Stamped with eerily dark and ominous vocal elements reminiscent of bluesy masters like Howlin’ Wolf and Samhain with emotive nods to Destruction Unit, Bauhaus, and Jesus Lizard, the band’s output is incessantly passionate and harrowing in its entirety. Their second album comes out on Antena Krzyku."

Track Listing :
01. Hurricane Trashwave
02. Irene Garza
03. Clean Shirt
04. Night Of The Long Nights
05. Foot Of My Tongue
06. Blue As The Blind
07. Waiting