De Graanrepubliek

WALLS "The Future is Wide Open"


"WALLS are basically everything a hardcore band should be these days. Aggressive, provoking and unsettling. Their music has been described as brooding and downright scary at times. They are heavy and fast but with plenty of room for slower and creepy parts. They remind me of the first times I heard a Born Against record. The mixture of pissed off lyrics with such fitting music. Or maybe Dead and Gone, with their basslines and dissonant guitars who make you feel miserable each time you put on their record. You know how some bands are described with images of axes, hammers or other equipment to just describe how brutal they are? Well, WALLS are like knives. You don’t see them coming but you can feel they are here. Bleak and harsh. This is rage."

Track Listing
01. Just Complain
02. Dignity Village
03. In Disguise - Tears of A Lonely Man
04. Cheap Equipment
05. It Never Rolls Right Off
06. Stare At The Walls
07. Wants and Needs
08. Pure Hate aka Fraud
09. Slow Erase
10. Positive Thought is not Making A Deal with Death
11. Mekano
12. A Piece of Rope