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WHITE WARD "Debemur Morti"

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To commemorate 18 years’ hard work and dedicated passion for the Dark Arts we are issuing "Debemur Morti", a special 2 track 10" vinyl/CD/digital release from the singular Ukrainian Black Metal experimentalists WHITE WARD, a band that have been growing with the label since their debut and whose adventurous sound is the perfect way to celebrate the past and look to the future.

These first new tracks recorded after 2019’s brilliant "Love Exchange Failure" cycle from smoky neo-jazz saxophone ambience, through hypnotic contemporary Black Metal aggression and on opener "Debemur Morti", into emotive piano-led songcraft showcasing a flawless guest vocal performance from the legendary Lars Nedland (BORKNAGAR / SOLEFALD).

A historic release from a band - and a label - dead-set on propagating a blend of fervent metallic traditionalism and cutting-edge experimentation over the years to come.

Track listing :
1. Debemur Morti
2. Embers


All LPs are sent in robust vinyl mailers to avoid any cosmetic damage during transit, but note that the store isn't responsible for seam splits, bent corners and potential sound issues.