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End All Life Productions

WINTERBLUT "Das Aas Aller Dinge"


Formed in 1994, Bavaria, Germany. “L’Hiver” All instruments, Vocals as a one-man project. [Winterblut] evolved its style from traditional German black metal to a more dissonant, disharmonic form of experimental black metal, most remarkably since Promo 2000.

Track Listing : 
1. Das Aas (aller Dinge)
2. Das Aas (erschienen)
3. Das Aas (schauderhaft)
4. Das Aas (gespenstisch)
5. Das Aas (erloschen)
6. Das Aas (zerfressen)
7. Das Aas (sehnsüchtig)
8. Das Aas (Egnid rella)