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WIRE LOVE "Leave The Bones"


Wire Love are a new band from Münster that has risen from the ashes of Orbit the Earth. Their debut LP “Leave the Bones” is nothing short of a giant leap in intensity for German Post-Hardcore. Pummeling groove is combined with just the right amount of technicality here, resulting in a high-pressure aural experience not unlike the best moments of bands such as the almighty Botch or These Arms Are Snakes. This impression is supported by the massive production: recorded at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg this LP provides what is arguably one of the most powerful and massive eardrum assaults you have witnessed all year. But fear not, because Wirelove manage to balance all this madness with really thought-out song structures that leave enough room for great atmospheres to build up.

Track Listing :
01. Symmetry
02. Red Dress
03. Perfect Machine
04. Shadow
05. Luminace Forever
06. Movement
07. Nothings
08. Learning Love
09. Bones